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Ultimate Black Friday by Ryan Levesque
Ryan Levesque - Ultimate Black Friday | 4.77 GB

The counter-intuitive method I used to grow a list in the orchid niche from zero to 128,000+ email subscribers
How to use this system for building lists to 1,000, 10,000, and even 100,000 subscribers (and beyond)

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Ask Live 2017 by Ryan Levesque
Ryan Levesque - Ask Live 2017 | 13 GB

ASKLIVE! recordings will go on sale to the public for $1000 as soon as they’re available in 6-8 weeks. Pre-order TODAY for just $195 during this ONE-DAY Cyber-Monday Special Offer!

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Professional Speakers Academy by Andy Harrington
Andy Harrington - Professional Speakers Academy | 5.3 GB

Now Its Your Turn To Attend
Andy Harringtons Speakers Bootcamp
3-Day Workshop
Get Your Message Out In A Bigger Way

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Private Label Classroom by Scott Voelker
Scott Voelker - Private Label Classroom | 2.54 GB

Are You Ready To Join The Private Label Classroom?
Take a stroll through the PL Classroom in the video below!

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Passion-2-Profit Accelerator Course - The Millennials Academy
Samir Chibane - Passion 2 Profit Accelerator | 9.8 GB

Step-By-Step eCommerce Blueprint To Making 6 Figures Or More Selling With Shopify (Dropshipping)

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Avenik Instagram Course by Team Avenik
Team Avenik - Avenik Instagram Course | 1.4 GB

The most complete Instagram course to date - taught by Team Avenik

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Seth Godin - The Marketing Seminar
Seth Godin - The Marketing Seminar | 4.5 GB

It all starts with the right posture
Marketing doesn’t have to mean shouting, scamming, and being manipulative. By learning the techniques proven to work in the modern world, you can do marketing that you’re proud of…because it’s ethical, generous, and effective. With these skills, you can stand tall as a smart, modern marketer.

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Gretta Van Riel - Start And Scale
Gretta Van Riel - Start And Scale | 1.8 GB

A step-by-step online course (with private mastermind) that will take you through the whole e-commerce process from coming up with (and validating) your idea, through to building an audience and launching your product.

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Mastering Python [Packt]

Author: upload113
Mastering Python [Packt]

Mastering Python [Packt]
English | Size: 702.73 MB
Category: CBTs

Python is a dynamic programming language. It is known for its high readability and hence it is often the first language learned by new programmers. Python being multi-paradigm, it can be used to achieve the same thing in different ways and it is compatible across different platforms. Even if you find writing Python code easy, writing code that is efficient, easy to maintain, and reuse is not so straightforward.

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Paul Wilson - Royal Road To Card Magic - A Complete Course

Paul Wilson - Royal Road To Card Magic - A Complete Course
English | Size: 4.46 GB
Category: Magic & Illusion

If you are If you are seriously interested in learning card magic, there is no better place to start than The Royal Road to Card Magic with R. Paul Wilson.

Since its initial publication, The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue has been regarded as the most complete course in sleight of hand with playing cards ever written, teaching essential sleights from the Overhand Shuffle to the Pass and Palm.

Each chapter explores a new sleight followed by several tricks using what the student has already learned-tricks that, incidentally, include many of the best card effects ever created.

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